The Best Foods to Eat if You Want Healthier Hair

October 4, 2017

All About the Egg

“When it comes to shiny hair, eggs are your friend. Eggs contain sulfur, which helps produce collagen and keratin, two important proteins for creating and maintaining healthy, shiny hair.

“Eggs, in particular, contain biotin which can improve hair growth and strengthen nails’

Get It With Omegas

“Omega-rich oils via salmon, nuts, and seeds are also important for keeping your scalp nourished. “Almond butter contains vitamin E, which has been shown to promote long, lustrous locks…I think a balanced diet is essential in order to keep hair thick, shiny and avoid brittle hairs breaking.”Alternatively, a supplement with the right balance of vitamins can help you achieve a nourished scalp, which can contribute to hair (plus nail!) growth.

“One study showed that taking a vitamin E supplement daily improved hair growth by 42 percent.Look for a formula made for hair, skin, and nails with ingredients like biotin, vitamins C, and E, iron, and omega-3.

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