Ways Your Hair-Care Routine Should Change for Fall

September 20, 2017

The saying goes, “sweater weather is better weather.” But the change in temperature can really confuse your hair—and we’re talking both color and texture, here.

Amp Up Moisture
You know the itchy, dry skin that naturally comes with colder weather? The same goes for your hair. “The transition between summer to fall is when it is vital to add a hair mask or change your shampoo or conditioner so your hair can adjust to the change in temperature,” Look for extra moisturizing ingredients like in the Aveda Dry Remedy line

Go Darker

Summer is synonymous with sun-kissed hair, with highlights a staple for pretty much all shades. But as your time spent outside shortens as the weather gets colder, those highlights will fade. Salon DeLonjay recommends beating nature to the punch by going a shade or two darker for fall. “Coloring it darker allows this transition to happen easier and evens out the color.

Invest in Volumizer
Lots of humidity = big hair. As the weather gets colder, the humidity decreases, which may cause your hair to go flat. Salon DeLonjay reccomends Aveda’s Pure Abundance line.

Try a Clarifying Shampoo
Summer can leave a lot of build-up at your roots – salt sprays, sunscreens, and sand can all cause greasy, limp roots. No bueno. Start the new season off right by giving your scalp a good detox by using a clarifying shampoo (Aveda Hair Detox) once every two weeks.

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