July 19, 2017

Summertime brings new adventure, hot weather and fun times at the beach. It also brings problems for those with beautiful hair, presenting unique challenges to hair stylists nation wide. Protecting your hair from the heat, humidity and the sun can pose a challenge. Now is the time to  prepare your hair for the summer, so that your hair keeps it’s natural shine, bounce and body. Here are some easy to follow summer hair care tips that combined with Salon DeLonjays care will help you maintain your beautiful hair.

Hair Care and Styling

The more often you use shampoo, the more you will strip your scalp of its natural oils. When you remove these oils via washing, it stimulates the production of more scalp oil, which in turn makes you feel the need to wash your hair more often. Using Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo  can help here, or if you can simply rinse your hair every other day to cut down on washing away all of your hairs natural oil. Also do try and avoid blow drying your hair as much as possible during the summer, since your hair is already exposed to a significant amount of heat from the summer sun. When it comes to styling you might want to consider up in a loose yet comfortable style. Avoid tight hair styles as these can tear and pull at the hair when it is already dry from the heat.

Condition Your Hair on a Regular Basis

During the summer months hair conditioner is extremely important. Products like Aveda and Moroccanoil will help to de-frizz and smooth your hair. It will also help to keep your hair moisturized during the summer months, and protect your hair, making hair care and styling much easier on you and your hair stylists.

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb.

Avoid using a hair brush, instead try a wide-tooth comb. Wide tooth combs are gentle when it comes to tangled hair, where as wide brushes often tear or pull at the hair when they encounter snags.

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