How to turn brittle hair into GORGEOUS Hair!

May 10, 2017

Spot the Signs Early

Texture plays a large part in hair receiving and retaining moisture. For example, you may want to ask yourself. Does my hair have elasticity? Does it have shine? Does it feel smooth to the touch? Is it frizzy? You know your hair is brittle and breaking by the number of hairs that are in your comb when styling.

The Post-Pregnancy Shed Is Real

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are inevitable and will definitely affect the health of your hair. As your body changes, sometimes there is a need for different nutrition and vitamins. More fruits, vegetables and protein are always pluses.

When you are pregnant, your hair is inclined to grow. However, six months to a year after childbirth, some mothers experience postpartum alopecia, which results in hair shedding and loss. The best way to counter this is by continuing to take prenatal vitamins and possibly biotin and iron supplements. Continue to take vitamins even after you have stopped breastfeeding to support the regrowth of hair.

Yep, Hair Type Matters

Fine hair is weaker and curly hair is often dry. Both of these reasons make the hair more prone to becoming brittle or damaged easier than other types of hair. To combat avoid alcohol and petroleum-based products for all hair textures and types. Aveda’s Dry Remedy and Be Curly products work great! They allow you to achieve the same style without drying/damaging your hair and oftentimes repair the hair,

Detangle Like a Pro

The quickest way to break off even more hair is a faulty detangling method.

Do: Use a large tooth-tailed comb, create a cocktail detangler (Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair and a leave-in conditioner such as   Moroccanoil lightly mixed) and comb from the ends of the hair using small sections and up to the root.

Don’t: Do not brush your hair dry, don’t sleep in a ponytail (too much tension creates breakage), when you do a wash and go, don’t co-wash (shampoo and conditioner) daily. Instead of co-washing daily, use the cocktail(Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair and Moroccanoil) to moisturize it and layer it.

Mask vs. Conditioner? There Are Pros (and Cons) for Both!

Hair Masks and leave-in conditioners are great and all serve similar benefits if used correctly. The biggest mistake people make when doing treatments at home is rinsing the conditioner out too soon. The leave-in time is crucial to seeing the product’s benefits.

Textured hair loves being pampered with emollients, nurturing botanicals and rich hydrating and oils. Once a week, treat yourself to a relaxing deep treatment with Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque. It is the best deep treatment for fine, tight, coily or overlapping corkscrew kinky hair that has low moisture retention. Time Your Moisture Regimen

When it comes to infusing moisture back into your hair, timing is actually key. For fine hair, moisturize in the evening so you can still style without feeling like your hair is being weighed down. It is all about control in the morning for thicker hair, so use that as an opportunity to tame the craziness and add moisture.

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