Kentucky Derby Style

April 26, 2017

It’s the most exciting time of the year in Louisville––Derby Season! Salon DeLonjay Stylists came together to give you their best advice for looking fabulous on the First Saturday in May!

1. Wear Your Hat: If you’re a fan of big hats, make sure you’re not letting your hat wear you by balancing your millinery with gorgeous hair!derby-big-curls If you’re wearing a large hat, you want more of your hair to show, so big curls are great option.


An added benefit of wearing large, dynamic curls is that they can be pulled back for evening. Just tease your hair at the crown and pull it into a high ponytail. Your curls will still look fantastic without compromising elegance.

Not ready to rock big hair on the big day? That’s OK too! Try a sleek side bun––just make sure your look is balanced!

2. Fascinate Them: Fascinators are one of millinery’s biggest trends right now. These small, intricately designed hats offer the sophisticated of the traditional Derby attire without the hassle of managing a large headpiece all day. derby-fascinator


Start with the fascinator itself, then develop a style that will complement the piece. For example, if you have swooping feathers on the left side of your fascinator, you’ll want your hair to go to the right.


3. Ditch the Hat: There’s no law that says you absolutely have to wear a hat for Derby Day, especially if you’re not attending the race in person.


formal-braidIf your plans are formal, go upscale with a trendy braid, which mimics the interest of a hat without requiring any additional accessories.




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