April 18, 2017

Here at Salon DeLonjay we have been using Moroccanoil® Treatment for years now and we and our clients LOVE it! Moroccanoil® is a long term conditioner great for protecting hair. We love the sun but we all know what damage it can do to our hair.

Moroccanoil® contains Argan oil which is derived from the Argan tree which sadly is now an endangered species due to the high-quality re-hydrating properties of the oil. This has been known for centuries and Argan Oil is now one of the rarest and most precious oils on the planet.

Moroccan Oil Treatment

Traditionally, Berber women ( Moroccan  natives) harvested the kernels from the fruit of the tree ,and ground them by hand to extract the light golden oil. The Berber women used it to protect their hair, skin and nails from the moisture-sapping, arid desert conditions in which they lived. Argan oil is known as one of the best treatments for psoriasis because of its rehydrating qualities and having twice as much vitamin E as olive oil. Thankfully a little of the Moroccanoil® goes a long way with only 5ml being required per application.

We cannot praise Moroccanoil® enough here at Salon DeLonjay and although expensive because of its rarity we rate this as one of, if not the best hair conditioning serum  money can buy.

So next time your hair lacks shine and needs some loving care please pop in to Salon DeLonjay and ask about out our Moroccanoil® Hair Treatment we know you won’t be disappointed, in fact we guarantee it.

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