Creating your salon-worthy look at home

February 22, 2017

Option One: curling iron vs. round brush/blow dryer

You know, that feeling when you leave the salon, looking absolutely stunning and owning your fabulousness? Aaaaah. For many this high is fleeting, as they find it difficult to duplicate the look their hair artist gave them.

That doesn’t have to be the case. The key to success in any endeavor is having proper tools and knowledge.

Your hair artist will be more than happy to go through the styling after your cut, step-by-step. Questions are a sign of a star pupil. By methodically creating your look together, and discussing which tools are used and why, you can feel your fabulousness to its fullest every day!

Sizing up your hair’s density, texture, length, condition etc. is the crux of a good haircut. Your professional knows how to do this in a heartbeat, and also knows before your hair ever gets wet their plan for your finished look.

Probably one of the most often asked styling questions is curling iron or round brush and blow dryer? Although it’s best to not use any heat on the hair for it to be healthy, we all need these magic tools to go on with our day and look fabulous!”

Salon DeLonjay suggests a curling iron “if you like the fast and easy way to get those good looking curls.”

“Yes, it’s more damaging to the hair but with proper use of the tool it will be best for the integrity of the hair. “Start with using the tool at a minimum if possible, choosing a lower heat setting and keeping the hair on the iron for only three to four seconds per section.”

However, if you’re concerned about heat damage and have time, there is an alternative option for you.

“If you love quality time with your hair and have patience, round brushing would be your route, “Only because this is more time consuming and you might need some practice to work the round brush and the dryer at the same time!”

Though it would seem the end result would be similar, the specifics of your hair dictates the tool.

“The round brush and blow dryer will give you maximum body and softness, but most importantly a natural smooth style. Damage increases when heat is held on the hair for an extended time, unlike the constant motion of the round brush and blow dryer, which will reduce damage.”

So whether you go curling iron or round brush, Our final word of advice includes another professional tool/product: “Remember! ALWAYS use heat protectant!”


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