7 Short-Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid

November 30, 2016

Excessive Blow-Drying
Lazy women, rejoice and hit snooze. It’s better to blow a short cut around 50 percent dry, run a little wax or serum through it, then let it air-dry on its own, that gives it natural-looking lift.

Getting Too Slick
When a woman uses heavy gel to comb her hair back like Dracula, the results can indeed be monstrous. Rake it back with the Aveda Light Elements Shaping Wax or Control Past but not slicked to the head. Keep some height at the top and the sides really tight.

Adding Volume at the Crown
When you puff up the back and flatten the front like a little Texas bouffant, it looks old-fashioned.

Overworking It
Too many products, too much heat styling, and too much time spent perfecting your hair in the mirror can result in a dorky helmet. Salon DeLonjay suggests a breezy trick involving a dab of wax rubbed vigorously between the hands.  Nestle the fingertips into the hair in a pitchfork formation, then pinch the fingers together and pull hair up through the ends.

Battling Your Bangs
Hair that’s longer at the crown than on the sides is one of the keys to short-haircut harmony, it makes us crazy to see bangs being tucked behind the ears or pinned over to one side. Why did you get bangs if you don’t want them? Enjoy them, then move on. (They’ll grow out soon enough.)

Embrace Your Natural Texture
To bring the best out of your curls use a texturizing product to modernize your haircut, such as the Light Elements Texturizing Cream. Don’t give your hair too much bend, otherwise it will start to look matronly.

Ditch Your Curling Wand
Use a flatiron instead to create waves with a flatter finish and protect strands.

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