October 20, 2016

While a great haircut and the proper hair color application are surefire ways to help skinny strands look beautifully thicker, there are also a few fast and easy styling techniques to help hair look more lush.

TIP 1: Handle with Care

Thin hair is delicate, so treat it as gently as you can. To avoid unnecessary tugging, try detangling while you’re still in the shower. Apply conditioner to wet hair and then use a wide-tooth comb to carefully detangle any knots, working from the ends up.

TIP 2: Focus on the Ends
Applying too much conditioner on the top of your hair can weigh it down, so focus the application from the mid-section to the ends. I always recommend Invati™ Thickening Conditioner or the new Invati™ Thickening Intensive Conditioner, to guests with thinning hair because they’re formulated with soy protein and naturally derived amino acids, which mimic hair’s building blocks, so it weightlessly thickens hair from the inside out.

TIP 3: Soften Up
For added fullness—not frizz—try blotting hair dry with an absorbent old T-shirt rather than rubbing it with a rougher terrycloth towel. T-shirts are gentler on hair because they don’t have the grooves that towels often do. Also they will only absorb the excess water, as opposed to all the moisture from your hair. That moisture is needed to help hair look its best.

TIP 4: Rise to the Occasion
Use your fingers to lift your roots up and away from your scalp as you blow dry. Since hair stays where it dries, this technique will help create some height and the appearance of fullness.

TIP 5: Stay Loose
When you wear a ponytail or bun, steer clear of tight elastics, which can cause breakage. Look for ‘safe-grip’ versions and wear them loose enough that you can slip them on and off without breaking your hair.
Aveda Artists are always ready with solutions to help thinning strands look thicker with styling tips and tricks. Expert strategies also include incorporating the wisdom and healing power of Ayurveda with our Invati™ System.

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