What is Balayage anyway?

July 28, 2016

What is Balayage anyway?
You’ve most likely heard the word Balayage floating around in beauty reports but what the heck does it mean? Here’s the scoop! Balayage is a highlighting technique that produces gorgeous natural highlights by hand painting the top of the hair strand with color or lightener. The results can be subtle or dramatic depending on your desired look but the end result is always softer at the scalp and bolder at the ends. You’ll love this look for 3 reasons:

1) Each Highlight is hand painted so you’ll have a one of a kind look that is as unique as you.
2) The softness at the scalp means your highlights can last up to 3 months longer.
3) The color is painted on where sun and light would naturally hit the surface of the hair making the color appear more youthful, dynamic, and shiny.

Bust out of the foil and try this beautiful technique. The hair stylists at Salon DeLonjay are ready to customize your new look today! Just give us a call and find out what your image looks like!

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