Happy Derby !!!

May 4, 2016

This Saturday marks the 142nd Kentucky Derby. Even if you’re not a gambler it’s still a thrill to witness “the most exciting two minutes in sports” first hand; the thoroughbred horse race is, without a doubt, something to experience at least once in your lifetime.

Louisville goes crazy in the two weeks leading up to the Big Race, but on Derby Day, an insanely eclectic party takes to the streets, with everyone becoming fast friends: Think women in heels and hats walking with shirtless men in jean shorts, and residents offering up curb-side barbecue and their lawns for parking.

This year on Derby Day, there will be 13 races, but the one everyone comes to see is the 11th race of the day, dubbed “Run for the Roses” (for the blanket of 400 red roses that will be placed on winning horse). There’s never a dull moment, the outfits alone are worth going to see—women parade their hats, circling each other like thoroughbreds in the paddock.

Salon DeLonjay would like to wish a very happy Derby week and thank everyone for there continued support!

Sam, Becky and staff

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