Why is my hair not growing?

January 15, 2016

This is a question we hear all the time. There is good news, your hair is growing. Your hair will always grow unless there is a medical reason(consult your Doctor if you are experiencing large amounts of hair loss, clumps of hair on your pillow for example.

One of the reasons you feel like your hair is not growing is it is most likely breaking off faster than it is growing. We see this problem many times with blondes. If your using blow dryers,flat irons, curling irons etc. on a dailey basis and if your not using professional hair products such as Aveda or Moroccanoil.

So there is a solution, start getting regular haircuts from one of our professional hairdressers. This will help you eliminate damaged ends and get you on the path to healthy and longer hair. Give us a call to begin your journey to growing and maintaining healthy. long locks!

Kelsey Jones

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