Welcome to Our New Website!

December 2, 2015

Just like you, we sometimes feel the need to update our look. Our new website is one that we hope better reflects our salon’s style and atmosphere. We hope you find that both this site and the salon are relaxing, charming, beautiful, and engaging.

Remember to check back to our beauty blog frequently, as we will continue to update it with information on the latest trends in beauty, new products we love, and the occasional news about our salon.

As for our new website, it of course provides information about our services, pricing, location and contact information. We also included a bit of history on Salon DeLonjay and the owners, Sam and Becky. And we’ve added a page about our amazing beauty partner, Aveda, and how it manages to stay environmentally friendly while providing high-quality, natural products. You may be surprised to learn about how Aveda keeps such a positive, active, global presence.

Make an appointment today to try one of our aesthetic services. We look forward to helping you bring out your natural beauty!

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